Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One More Week

I usually don't pay much attention to politics but it's almost impossible to not be thinking about next week's election. As a 54-year-old black man I can scarcely believe what may be about to happen, especially since it looks to be so doggone lopsided. I'm old enough to remember the Civil Rights era and all the news stories about the fight for integration, the Southern police attacking voting rights workers with clubs and guns, the workers like Viola Luzzo and Medgar Evers who ended up dead and now I may be on the verge of seeing a black man elected president? As Michelle Obama quoted some of the older people working for her husband's campaign "I never thought I'd see the day...".

Of course nothing is settled yet and people still have to actually vote but there's one little karmic fact I haven't seen anybody mention yet. January 20th, 2009 will be both Inauguration Day and Martin Luther King Day. I don't think even Dr. King dreamed of that.

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Pappy said...

I've done my bit with early voting. I voted for Senator Obama and I want to thank you for your observation--which I've heard nowhere else--about January 20, 2009 being Martin Luther King Day. An amazing coincidence, and kind of cosmic, really.