Monday, March 9, 2009

Recent Movies

I haven't written anything about movies in Lord knows how long. I haven't seen anything current for a while for various reasons, but I have been watching a few films thanks to Netflix. Here are some recent impressions:

The Career Of Nyklos Dyzma - This is a bawdy Polish satire about a graveyard worker who crashes an exclusive party, insults a high ranking goverment official and soon finds himself rising swiftly in the Polish government. The jokes about obtuse and crooked politicians are easily recognizable even if you know nothing about Poland and the film is further graced by gorgeous nude actresses throughout.

Gumshoe - A 1970's British film in which Albert Finney plays a would be comedian who pretends to be an old fashioned private eye and gets involved in a real mystery involving South Afircan politics. With thirty years' hindsight Finney's character comes off mannered and irresponsible with his constant Bogart fetish. The story does become engrossing though as it goes along.

The Lives Of Others - This German film won the Best Foreign Film Oscar last year and deservedly so. It's about a member of the East German secret police who bugs the apartment of a prominent playwright on government orders and finds himself drawn into his world a lot more than he intended. There is a slight feel of the neat, well made Hollywood story to it but the overall tale is so compelling and well played out that doesn't hurt it.

Spider Forest - A Korean horror film that manages to use both of the most common twist endings in recent films, the one used in The Sixth Sense and Carnival Of Souls and the one used in Fight Club and The Machinist. It's a circular but touching story that gets more confusing the more you think about it and seems to violate one of the understood rules of supernatural fantasy. It shows a ghost aging from child to adult...maybe.

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