Friday, February 5, 2010


Ever since I started this blog, I've bee halfassing it. I only seem to write at rare intervals and when I do I say what comes off the time of my head without much real thought. I've made up my mind to change that. ( I would call this a new year's resolution but it's already February.)  I always thought I didn't have much to say but I've been reading other blogs more and more and I see that others go on these things and write about some of the same topics that interest me, so hey time's a-wasting.

I bought the book Google Blogger For Dummies and am using it to redesign and add things to this blog like the blog list on the right. As for writing topics, my main passions are music and movies though I may talk about other things like comic art and pro wrestling. I have plenty to say about both and I'm going to try hard to collect my thoughts and put them down here.

My tastes in both realms have always tended towards the obscure and offbeat. I make no excuse for this in music. If the mainstream is the likes of Lady Gaga and the smiling zombies on American Idol, I'll happily stick with Captain Beefheart and the Art Ensemble of Chicago so I'll talk about whatever I hear that strikes my fancy. In the movie realm though, I'm going to make a conscious effort to watch more of the more acclaimed and popular films that I've ignored over the last twenty years or so that everybody else discusses.  I have no interest in keeping up with stuff like Indiana Jones or Harry Porter but I will go more in the direction of the likes of American Beauty and Wall-E mixing those in with the exploitation work, Criterion specials and old TV shows I usually get from Netflix.

With a snowstorm currently under way that is going to Washington, DC look more like Buffalo, NY I'm going to have plenty of time to sit at my computer the next couple of days and write. I've got a typically wide selection of DVDs to watch, Force Of Evil, La Guerre Est Finie and The Ernie Kovacs Show plus DVD sets of Berlin Alexanderplatz and The New Adeventures Of Mighty Mouse. I will write about at least some of these.

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