Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Joe Morello

A couple of days ago I heard that drummer Joe Morello had just died. Shame on me because I thought he had passed years ago.  Morello is best known for his many years drumming with the classic Dave Brubeck quartet and as such he is responsible for one of my all time favorite bits of music, the introduction and drum solo in "Take Five", a strutting snap and thump that still makes me catch my breath every time I hear it.  This is a live version of it from Ralph Gleason's old Jazz Casual with Morello snapping his wrists like they were made out of rubber and Paul Desmond wailing like a snake charmer.

Also here is a dance number from some ancient TV show done to the original recording of Brubeck's "Unsquare Dance" with another classic Morello bit.

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