Friday, September 4, 2015

"Aqua Teen Gonna Live Forever!"

Hey, weren't you guys supposed to be leaving?

A funny thing happened last Sunday night at 12:00 midnight. Adult Swim's own website said that it would be following the previous week's finale of Aqua Teen Hunger Force with a repeat of the series' premiere episode, "Raboot".  Instead they showed Master Shake and Meatwad watching last week's episode leading into...a new episode!?

With anyone else, I'd call that a snotty trick. With these guys nothing surprises me.

 Keeping with the season name Aqua Teen Hunger Force Forever, the episode had the boys debating different ways of becoming immortal. Shake and Meatwad went the religious route, putting their trust in the Bibble (sic) and the teachings of Jimmy while Carl and Frylock took on the powers Christopher Lambert's immortal Highlander character.  The somber nature of the previous "final episode" was gone as the boys gleefully chopped, shot and blew each other up and constantly regenerated. There was even room for curtain calls by many past guest characters like the Mooninites, the Plutonians, Hand Banana, Raboot, the Cybernetic Ghost of Christmas Past and a few others I couldn't recall by name. At the end Frylock and Carl were in jail on death row for killing Lambert but the executions never fazed them. The final shot is of the boys watching this show on television and saying "That's the end!?"

This ending really reflected the wiseguy absurdity of ATHF and the truth that in a world that constantly recycles media content on different platforms, no TV show dies forever any more. Very clever, guys. Just don't do another new ending this Sunday, okay?

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