Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Original Little Green Bag

When I first saw "Reservoir Dogs" like everyone else I was blown away by the credit sequence with the robbers in the black suits walking along in slow motion, not the least because I knew the song playing underneath, "Little Green Bag" by The Groge Baker Selection.

The George Baker Selection was one of three Dutch bands, along with the Shocking Blue and the Tee Set, that was promoted in America as a supposed "Dutch Invasion". They all had minor hits over here, the Shocking Blue's "Venus" being the biggest but nobody really remembers them outside of the people who heard them at the time, including I suppose Quentin Tarantino. Here is the original video for "Little Green Bag" which coincedentally features a lot of walking. Judging by the group's other videos this was a novelty song for them because everything else I looked at is the cheesiest sort of oompah laden European pop.

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