Monday, January 19, 2009

Last Exit To...

This is Last Exit, a short lived free jazz "supergroup" of the Eighties, that consisted of four of the ferocious musicians of the day, saxophonist Peter Brotzmann, one of the founders of the European free jazz scene, legendary guitarist Sonny Sharrock, drummer Ronald Shannon Jackson who had played with Cecil Taylor and Ornette Coleman and bassist and constant musical experimenter Bill Laswell. These four men played ruthless, take no prisoners noise that had the rough shape of rock but the barrelling force of unfettered jazz. They didn't stay together for that long, just a few years before other projects took them in different directions and Sharrock's death in 1994 ruled out any chance of a reunion but as you can hear from this 1986 live clip from a Frankfurt concert they were something to behold.

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