Friday, April 26, 2013

George Jones

Dammit! It seems lately that a week can't go by without somebody's hero dying. Today it's George Jones, a country music icon and one of the greatest singers who ever drew breath, regardless of genre. He could sing uptempo honky tonk songs like "White Lightning" and "The Race Is On" as well as anybody but on sad songs, he'd moan with that little upsweep in his voice and you were spellbound.  Nobody sang about heartbreak like this man.

Here are a few of his classics and I apologize if any of these play with commercials in front. First "The Race Is On"

Then "I'll Be Over You (When The Grass Grows Over Me)". Like the host says, when he sings a song it's been sung.

And finally, his masterpiece...

Making George Jones' voice must have been the last thing God did at the beginning of time. How could he follow creating perfection? R.I.P., Possum

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