Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Big Jobs No. 2

I'm now embarrassed by all the stuff I wrote yesterday. It's all true but moping about my state isn't going to help anything. I've done that for years and it hasn't gotten me anywhere. I've got to go forward and do stuff even though I cannot know where it will lead. For now my next task will be to go to Best Buy Friday and hopefully pick up a decent shelf CD player. Since I moved I've had to rely on a little portable player with headphones that only work in intermittently in one ear, and this is a ridiculous arrangement for someone who constantly writes about music. I'm going to try to keep thuis blog up and keep it about actual opinions and observations which brigns me to Uschi Digard.

Uschi Digard was a Swedish actress who worked in Hollywood in a lot of adult and exploitation films in the Seventies and was largely known for her huge bust. I remember seeing her in a couple of Russ Meyer movies many years ago and not paying much attention to her but I saw something else of hers a year or two ago and it struck me that she wasn't attractive at all. She had a big nose and uneven teeth and honestly didn't look like much above the neck.
Over the weekend I took another look at her work in the form of a DVD from Alpha Blue, one the chief disributors of old adult stuff, of three old softcore films she made back in the day. Wow! What an ordeal. They were all various degrees of dumb and cheap. Digard starred in the first one, "Getting Into Heaven", and again her looks were a distraction but the movie itself seemed both interminable and stupid. The two other women in it with her were better looking and made it barely worth watching. She looked better in the other two, wearing makeup and maybe sporting a slight nose job, but again could these things get any cheaper? "Affair In The Air" was basically people screwing in a hotel room and on a bad facsimile of an airplane cabin interspersed with the mutterings of two half-stoned goofs who pretended to be the pilot and co-pilot.
Old adult stuff interests me in seeing just how weird and cheap the films could get. After all the rule seems to have been as long as you had the sex scenes, you could fill up the rest of the running time with anything you wanted, and that's just what some people seemed to have done.

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