Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Primordial Ooze, Suspense Style

Over the weekend I watched "Suspended Animation", about a man held captive by cannibal sisters, which was pretty disjointed and unconvincing and much more interesting, one disc of "Suspense", a TV version of the classic old radio show that dated back to 1949. One of the advantages of digitizing everything, I guess, is that ancient stuff like this can be cleaned up and presented to the public again. It was an interesting bunch of stories, some classic ghost tales, some tawdry stuff about crazed murderers and adulterous married people. The fascinating part was watching all the touches you've never even dream of seeing in modern television like one commercial break and that a three minute commercial for Auto-Lite spark plugs or batteries.
Then there is the fun as always of seeing so many familiar actors, some starts at the time, some just starting out. The shows I saw starred the likes of Boris Karloff, Otto Kreuger, Lilli Palmer and Hume Cronyn but they also had Anne Francis, Eva Marie Saint and Ray Walston in small parts. The disc I saw had eight shows and it was the first of a four-disc set. Plus a second four-disc set is about to be released. It's amazing that so much old material is suddenly out there.

This is one of those weeks when I really miss Tower Records. A ridiculous supply of new CDs by interesting people is being released today. This includes stuff by Devendra Banhart, Herbie Hancock, Iron & Wine, Steve Earle, Joni Mitchell, Meshell Ndegeocello, Billy Joe Shaver, Damon & Naomi and The Red Krayola...oh yeah, and a little thing by Miles Davis, The Complete On The Corner Sessions. I'm definitely going to try to buy one thing at least if I can get to a store.

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